Over 100 Years of Camping!

The State YMCA of Michigan, established in 1894 is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of Michigan. It is an independent YMCA operated under the guidance of an 9 member Board of Trustees, with Board President Chris Rode from Chelsea, MI. The offices of the State YMCA of Michigan are located at its Camp Hayo-Went-Ha site.

The State YMCA of Michigan has two branches:

  • YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps
  • YMCA Michigan Youth in Government (Okemos) - Executive Director - Lydia Mitchell,

Each branch is governed by a committee of advisors that volunteer their services in support of the Mission of the State YMCA of Michigan. The CEO of the State YMCA of Michigan is Tim McKendrick. He can be reached at:

Please contact us if you have any questions about the State YMCA of Michigan, making a donation using cash or securities to any of our branches, becoming a member of our Heritage Club (naming the State YMCA of Michigan in your will), or donating your time and talents.

For more information regarding the National YMCA go to

State YMCA Mission Statement: The State YMCA of Michigan shall provide programs for youth, teens, and families which put Judeo-Christian principles into practice to build healthy spirits, minds, and bodies.

Hayo-Went-Ha Camps Mission Statement: Leave people and places better than when we found them. Foster the value and potential of every individual. Achieve peace and community through service to one another. Strengthen relationships through shared experience and challenge ourselves to push our own boundaries.

Our Purpose: To provide young people with the skills and experiences to become healthy, caring, and productive adults and to provide programs that strengthen the family.

Our Vision: To be a leader in providing transformational program experiences that will increase each individual's capacity to be a contributing member of society.

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