Outdoor Education


Step out of the classroom and join the others who have benefited from Outdoor Environmental Education at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha!

Since 1981 we have been building strong minds, bodies and spirits of Michigan’s youth. Students of any age can participate in our wide range of programs. Click on the links on the left side of the page to see how our classes can help your students improve their communication and appreciation for learning.

We have a variety of environmental education activities that give students an appreciation of nature and their surroundings.


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Environmental Education Activities Include:

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Forest Ecology
  • Animal Ecology
  • Earth Education
  • Geology
  • Insects

Challenge Course

We also have a top notch Challenge Course! Have your group build teamwork, improve communication and challenge themselves physically on Northern Michigan's premier course.

  • 50 foot climbing tower with 6 rock routes and one initiative side
  • 50 foot Zip Line from the top of the tower (staircase entrance)
  • Two story High Ropes Course with 12 elements a zip line, and a giant swing
  • 28 foot pamper pole

A variety of classes to experience!

School groups attend Camp Hayo-Went-Ha for a fun and safe learning experience. Our staff will facilitate adventure challenges and team-building lessons as well as environmental classes. The camp property spans 640 acres on the Northeast side of beautiful Torch Lake. Programs can be designed to meet the needs of each school and will complement what the teacher is sharing in the classroom. Whether it is handouts or hands-on, each student will come away with a greater appreciation for learning!

A complete list of our classes is available by contacting us!

For more information please contact:

Tim McKendrick

Camp Director

(231) 544-5915

Camp Transportation

Transportation is distance-dependent, please discuss the options with the Camp Director.

Please Note: Overnight camp programs typically eat lunch as the first and last meal. Pick up and departure times can be tailored to the school day.

For every 15 students that attend, the group will receive 1 free adult. Any adults over the 1:15 ratio will be charged of the student fee.

2018 Outdoor Education Pricing

One Day Program 

  • Choice of activities, lunch
  • Teacher or Parent $51
  • Camp Staff N/A

Two Day Program

  • Choice of activities, evening program, 4 meals
  • Teacher or Parent: $93
  • Camp Staff $105

Three Day Program

  • Choice of activities, evening programs, 7 meals
  • Teacher or Parent: $125
  • Camp Staff: $149

Four Day Program

  • Choice of activities, evening programs, 10 meals
  • (Price includes 3 challenge periods)
  • Teacher or Parent: $158
  • Camp Staff: $189

Five Day Program

  • Choice of activities, Evening programs, 13 meals
  • (Price includes 4 challenge periods)
  • Teacher or Parent: $189
  • Camp Staff: $226

Challenge options available for School Groups

Upper Tier (Counts for 2 Periods) $16

  • High Ropes Course
  • 5th grade lower level only
  • 6th grade & up - both levels

Lower Tier (Counts for 1 Period) $8 each

  • Climbing Tower (any grade)
  • Big Zip Line (any grade)
  • Pamper Pole (6th grade and older)
  • Vertical Elements (6th grade and older)

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