Wiki-Went-Ha Say What


Learn a few of the popular words and phrases we use at camp.

A field– Athletic Field where campers play soccer, ultimate Frisbee, baseball and many other fun and interesting field games.

Bears :

Polar Bear – 8am jump in the lake

Teddy Bear – 9pm jump in the lake

Pooh Bear – 7am fun at the barn

Brown Bear – sleeping in and not doing Polar Bear or Pooh Bear

Blotter / skit night – where the campers are the thespians

Bug juice - a camp favorite at the lunch meal of specially harvested bugs (grape bug juice is made with bugs harvested in the fall and cherry is flavored from Spring collections)

Cookie and/or Gopher - the camper who has been assigned each day to set the table and clear the plates.

G swim - General Swim scheduled at 4.20 daily.

Gaga - a dodgeball like game played in a hexagon-shaped arena.

Ort - the food left by the group after each meal.

Rode card - the official card all staff carry on their trips that identifies them with HWH Camps.

Roofball / Bell Ball - The very popular game played off the cage roof at HWH.

Bigfoot - Running fun in the woods.

Sloth - The mythical creature that can be spotted at Sleeping Bear Dunes (watch for them falling from trees)

Super Saturday - not just any Saturday it is a super Saturday - all camp, all theme day of fun from sun up to sundown.

Old Dining Hall located at HWH (ODH) - Built in 1936 and where you will find Arts and crafts.

Trailside Lodge located at AHWH (TSL) - Built in 1920 and where you will find Arts and Crafts.

Axle grease - a delicious blend of peanut butter and Jelly

Bow Rudda – what we respectively call our canoe instruction expert, Dave Foley

Squamish - A game exclusively played by counselors at their evening meetings.

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