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We try to answer most of your questions here, however, should the information below not address your concern, please contact the camp office at


  1. Do you offer any financial aid?
  2. When is check-in and check-out?
  3. When is my final payment for camper fees due?
  4. What is your cancellation and refund policy?
  5. What is the contact information for camp?
  6. How do I get to camp?
  7. What do you provide for campers flying in?
  8. What should my camper bring to camp? (Packing Lists)
  9. How does the Camp Store work?
  10. Am I allowed to send care packages?
  11. What if my camper gets homesick?
  12. Do you celebrate camper birthdays?
  13. What if someone other than a parent/guardian picks up a camper?
  14. Are there laundry facilities at camp?
  15. How can I communicate with my camper?
  16. What about phone calls and cell phone use?
  17. Am I allowed to visit my camper while at camp?
  18. What is your policy on personal property?
  19. What is your policy on protecting campers in your care?
  20. Will I be notified in case of a medical emergency?
  21. Can you tell me about some of the camp's expectations?


YMCA services and programs are designed for the entire community. The Hayo-Went-Ha Camps Campership program helps assure an opportunity for all youth, adults and families to participate in the activities of the YMCA, based on their ability to pay.

Click here to get your financial aid application packet.

Check In / Out

  • Check in on opening day of each camp session is from 9:30AM to 12:30PM
  • Check out on the last day of each camp session is from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Please notify the Camp Office if you are not able to arrive by 12:30 PM.


We will be serving a picnic lunch for campers and their families on the opening day of each 4-week session from 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM (Saturday, June 16th & Sunday July 15th in 2018). Everyone is invited to join us for lunch on these days.


Final payment for campers enrolled in Sessions 1/1A/1B is due by May 01.

Final payment for campers enrolled in Session 2/2A/2B is due by June 01.


YMCA Camp Hayo-Went-Ha for Boys

919 N. East Torch Lake Drive, Central Lake, MI 49622

Office Phone: (231) 544-5915

Fax: (231) 544-2916

Director’s name: 

Director’s email:


YMCA Camp Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha for Girls

1380 E. Arbutus Lake Road, Traverse City, MI 49696

Office Phone: (231) 946-8589

Fax: (231) 946-8677

Director’s name: Amanda Macaluso

Director’s email:


YMCA Camp Hayo-Went-Ha for Boys and Sparks Day Camp are located 35 miles northeast of Traverse City, Michigan on Torch Lake.

919 N. East Torch Lake Dr.
Central Lake, MI 49622
Print Map(PDF)

YMCA Camp Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha for Girls is located 10 miles southeast of Traverse City, MI on Arbutus Lake.

1380 E. Arbutus Lake Rd
Traverse City, MI 49696
Print Map(PDF)

Campers flying to camp will fly into the airport in Traverse City, MI (TVC). This airport is served by Delta Airlines from Detroit, MI and Minneapolis/St Paul, MN and by American Airlines & United Airlines from Chicago, IL.


Campers flying in can order a Welcome Packet to reduce the amount of checked baggage. Please go here to find out more about the Welcome Packet.


The packing list will guide you in what your camper should pack for camp.   Check out the camper packing lists by program here.


The camp store will be open on both check-in and check-out days. Spending money must be deposited prior to or on arrival at camp in the camp bank. Additional funds can be deposited into your camper's camp bank account by credit card online or by check. Call the camp office to check on your camper's balance. No currency is used in camp for obvious reasons. It will be explained to each camper how they can draw against their account as needed for laundry, crafts, T-shirts and various camp store items (toothbrush, batteries, lip balm, etc.) as well as limited candy items. $25.00 per week is the suggested amount for deposit. Hooded sweatshirts are available at a cost of $35.00, which should be figured above the suggested deposit amount. The camp store money may be sent in with the camper fees to speed up your registration on check-in day. All funds not spent are returned to the camper on the last day of camp. 4-Week campers will require an additional $50 - $60 dollars for trip monies and laundry, which can be added on check-in day.


We limit care packages to HOME BAKED GOODS to be shared by the entire cabin group. Any store bought items will be kept and returned at the end of the session. Due to problems in the past with excessive “junk food” in cabins, we have had to enforce this policy. When mailing, please include the camper name and cabin.


It is perfectly normal to be touched by homesickness. We are very sensitive to this and work carefully to help campers handle this experience. If you are homesick for your child, please drop them a letter or email saying you are thinking of them. These “thinking of you” thoughts are always welcome and reaffirm the relationship that you are missing. Please do not lay your homesickness on them!


We celebrate all camp birthdays with a cake, a special birthday t-shirt and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.


The State of Michigan requires that we have written permission from parent(s) or guardian(s) to release a camper to ANYONE else (this includes grandparents). Please forward WRITTEN permission to the Camp Director and discuss if anyone else will be picking up your child at any time. Permission may also be given by filling out and submitting the "Pick Up Authorization Form" in your online account.


There are NO laundry facilities at camp. Four-week (or longer) campers will go to a coin-operated laundry to do their wash. Two-week campers do not go to laundry and must bring enough clothing for that length of time.


We encourage campers to write home each week. The first Tuesday supper of the session is our “Mail Meal” or "Ticket Tuesday" where your child must write a letter home before entering the meal. A great suggestion is to send pre-addressed and stamped envelopes or post cards with your camper. We also sell these in the camp store. If you do not hear from your child, please notify us so that we may rectify the situation. Please label the cabin number on the envelope when sending mail.


We are able to accept incoming emails for your camper. Please DO NOT send any attachments. Emails will be charged at a rate of 75 cents per page. Funds generated will support future improvements to our YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha camps web site. Emails will be distributed to your camper like regular mail. Emails can be accepted from friends and family but remember each page will be charged 75 cents to your camper’s camp bank account. Unfortunately, due to limited resources campers are unable to generate outgoing email.

The e-mail address for the boys is:

The e-mail address for the girls is:

Please include the camper's name and cabin in the subject line.


We assume that in addition to having a great time, you send your camper to camp to provide an opportunity to live in a safe and controlled environment. The separateness of the camp world makes it possible for them to expend their energies in trying new things, making new friends and stretching their abilities. The intrusion of a casual phone call from home can be disruptive to the schedules and plans of camp. Creative separation is an important part of growing up, however difficult it is to realize in this day of high-speed communication. Cards and letters respect that separation, giving the kind of distance needed for campers to absorb and accommodate the communications from home.

In light of this, we ask that phone calls to and from home be regulated to serious needs or emergencies and that letters - frequent and regular - be the main channel for communication.

To be totally unplugged we ask that your child does not bring a cell phone to camp. For those campers that come to camp on the bus or fly in, we understand that cell phones will be very valuable. Campers bringing cell phones to camp will be asked to turn them into the Camp Office. There they will be kept in a safe place until the camper leaves to go home.


Visitors are welcome. We ask that you use your good judgment in planning trips to camp keeping in mind creative separation. Parents who live nearby are especially asked to question the advisability of “dropping in.” We also request that you not take your child out of camp. We would, instead, encourage you to bring a picnic to share on camp property. They will surely have some favorite places to show you for spreading out a meal and talking.

We advise you check with the camp director in advance of your visit to assure that your son/daughter will not be out of camp on a trip.


YMCA Camp Hayo-Went-Ha and YMCA Camp Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha are drug, tobacco, vape and alcohol-free facilities. Persons suspected of bringing such items to camp face possible search of their personal belongings when on camp property. Staff and campers are not allowed pets at camp. Campers and staff that bring weapons to camp must check them in with the Range Instructor and they must be kept under lock and key in the riflery closet. Personal sports equipment and personal vehicles brought to camp by staff (and campers for sports equipment) do so at their own risk. YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps assumes no liability for personal items brought to camp.


In order to assist you in understanding our policies on protecting the children in our care, listed below are portions of our Child Abuse Policy.

  • At no time will a camper be deprived of food, sleep, isolated without supervision, or be subject to ridicule, threat, corporal punishment or excessive physical exercise.
  • Staff members will be alert to any signs of abuse.
  • Any information received from a camper concerning abuse is confidential and only shared by the Camp Director.
  • Staff members are not permitted to be alone with individual campers in any isolated area. If counseling is being done, it should be under observation by other staff members or in an open place in view of others.
  • Staff members are not allowed to share tents with campers.
  • Staff members will be present in cabins when campers are sleeping.
  • The Camp Health Officer will check each camper upon arrival, before and after each trip, each Sunday during inspection and prior to returning home.
  • Staff may not invite campers to their homes or socialize with campers outside of camp without prior approval from the Camp Director. We do encourage Christmas cards, birthday cards, appropriate email and Facebook posts and encouragement to return for another year.


The following medical situations will be grounds for parental contact of the involved participant:

  1. Any instance when medical care is sought off site, including:
  • Admission to an Emergency Room or inpatient/outpatient hospital.
  • Any time an ambulance might be called.
  • Any time a family Physician is contacted or notified of an injury.
  • Any time a participant is referred to our camp Physician for care.
  • Any overnight admission into the camp Health Center, including:
  • Subsequent notification for any additional days spent in the camp Health Center.
  • Any change in status of the participant.
  • If medication schedules need to be changed for a particular participant or if medication quantities become insufficient.
  • If significant continued care will be required upon discharge from the camp Medical Office.


The following expectations are strictly enforced:

YMCA Camp Hayo-Went-Ha is a tobacco-free facility.

We do not allow anyone to self medicate. All medications are, by law, dispensed at the Health Center. Unauthorized use of any drugs or medication will result in immediate disciplinary action.

So-called adult magazines or such materials including shirts or hats advertising tobacco, alcohol, offensive rock groups or inappropriate language will be taken away and returned at the end of camp.

We do our best to control offensive language, jokes in bad taste and other forms of unacceptable behavior.


If you cancel your registration:

*** COVID-19 Updated Policy *** (5/18/2020)

If you would like to cancel your registration for summer 2020 please fill out this form. All cancelations have the option for a full refund minus the $95 application fee. The fee covers expenses initiated when a camper is registered. You will receive a refund of your deposit and other payments if that is what you choose.


The minimum required to confirm a registration is a deposit of $395.00 per camper per session. $300.00 of the deposit is refundable if cancellation is received by May15th. Cancellation must be submitted in writing. The full deposit is forfeited if cancellation occurs after May 01st. Once a camper has started a session and leaves early, there will be no refund or prorating of camp fees.

Deposit for Extended Trips (Alaska) is $750.00 and a different refund policy applies.  Please contact the Camp Office for more information.

If Hayo-Went-Ha Camps cancels your program:

Hayo-Went-Ha Camps will transfer your existing 2020 summer balance towards summer 2021 registration.* Alternatively, you may choose from the two options below.

1. Donate some or all of your account balance to Hayo-Went-Ha Camps. (tax deductible)** 

2. A full refund minus the $95 dollar application fee.

If your camp program is cancelled by Hayo-Went-Ha Camps you will have eight weeks to request a full refund. If we don’t receive instruction from you during the eight week period we’ll credit your account. No refunds will be processed after the eight week period has elapsed.

*Transferring at least 50% of your 2020 program costs from summer 2020 to summer 2021 will entitle you to select your session and program in advance of open registration. Your program and session preferences will be processed in order by your original 2020 summer sign-up date and time. The 2021 program fee will be based on 2020 rates.

**Donating at least 50% of the 2020 program cost to Hayo-Went-Ha camps will entitle you to select your session and program in advance of open registration or transfer registration. Your program and session preferences will be processed in order by your original 2020 summer sign-up date and time. The 2021 program fee will be based on 2020 rates. The CARES Act allows up to a $300 tax deduction for any individual who does not elect to itemize deductions.


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